Rise Sister Rise

Beloved sisters, daughters, mothers, and Mother Nature,

To your radiant beauty.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I’d like to recognize Nadine Artemis, one of my biggest inspirations and true embodiment of Mother Nature. She’s the creator of Living Libations, an exquisite line of botanical health and beauty products that are the purest of the pure on the planet.

What impact does Living Libations have on women?

“Living Libations’ embrace of Renegade Beauty surrenders to the seduction of doing less, allowing effortless beauty, and inviting beautiful botanicals and the elements and life force of Nature to revive the body, skin, and spirit. Let synthetic skincare chemicals fall away and bring in the breathability and the beauty of your own nature to shine through.”


Why I love Living Libations?

Three words – Best Skin Ever. This product was a game-changer for me. Resolved decades of acne struggles in days. Multitasker cleanser, moisturizer, massage oil – I put this stuff on EVERYTHING. I’ve even used it to unstick an old door lock when I found myself stranded out of my cousin’s heritage apartment. Best. Thing. Ever.

What’s this got to do with math?

My face + Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever = Zero Acne ( = Me infinitely grateful)

Time I’ve saved not having to camouflage breakouts since discovering Living Libations 4 years ago: 4 years x 365 days x 1 hour/day = 1460 hours (or 61 days!!!)

Let’s redefine beauty with a new formula…

❌ Beauty ≠ Photoshopped ideals portrayed in the media, industrialized, synthetic products

✅ Beauty = nature = effortless

The Fibonacci sequence, known as nature’s numbering system is a pattern repeated in nature: flower petals, beehives, tree branches, cells. The golden ratio, derived from Fibonacci numbers, is considered the perfection of beauty and design.

“Scientists have discovered that this (Fibonacci) growth pattern allows the plant to use the least amount of energy needed for growth, and the geometric patterns of the cells and leaves are perfectly arranged so that the plant can absorb the maximum sun rays and efficiently collect and channel rain. This sequence is so reliable in nature that deviations from it are often used as indicators of genetic damage.”

Nadine (from her book “Renegade Beauty”)

Let’s learn from the innate wisdom of nature.

I share this with you my teacher friends because I truly believe that Mother Nature is our teacher. We’re also lucky to have guides like Nadine, helping us to return to our true radiance.

I am a grateful affiliate for Living Libations because I believe so strongly in these products and in Nadine. If you purchase through my link, I will “pay it forward” and use any small commission earned to gift another person with Living Libations products. Sisterhood is about taking care of each other and our earth.

Click here to explore Living Libations products or on the link below.

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