I Heart…

1. Heart Fill Game

You won’t miss a beat with this game!⁣ ⁣An easy Valentine’s Math Center with big learning.⁣⁣ Heart Fill makes you use spatial thinking and strategy to plan your moves. Take turns placing a pattern block on the game board. The player who places the final block wins!⁣⁣ Develops more than just the learning of shape names. Allows students to understand how shapes can be composed or decomposed to create other shapes. The more you play, the⁣ more strategy and spatial sense is developed.⁣⁣ Perfect for Grades 1-3⁣.

Click here to get the game.

2. Math Valentine Cards

Make students giggle with this loveable math joke! Print and cut Valentine’s Day cards to give to your students. From their math-loving teacher!

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Why I love Living Libations? Three words – Best Skin Ever. This product was a game-changer for me. Resolved decades of acne struggles in days. Multitasker cleanser, moisturizer, massage oil – I put this stuff on EVERYTHING. I’ve even used it to unstick an old door lock when I found myself stranded out of my cousin’s heritage apartment. Best. Thing. Ever.


Best Skin Ever (Seabuckthorn) and Zippity DewDab are my most loved skin products

My face + Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever = Zero Acne ( = Me infinitely grateful)

Time I’ve saved not having to camouflage breakouts since discovering Living Libations 4 years ago: 4 years x 365 days x 1 hour/day = 1460 hours (or 61 days!!!)

4. Q-Bitz

One of my favourite commercial games to teach spatial sense and symmetry. There are regular and Jr. versions of Q-Bitz. I use both levels in the classroom to offer differentiation and meet students’ learning needs. Makes an excellent, “no-prep” math centre. Kids don’t tire of this game, so it can be used throughout the school year.

5. Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler

A wonderful book that incorporates math, counting and kindness! The entire class is doing so many good deeds that their kindness bulletin board barely fits their classroom. From clearing the table after dinner, to helping the elderly, one  class is proving that kids really can make a difference. Count along with Mrs. Ruler’s class. Can all their good deeds really add up to 100 acts of kindness?

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