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Math Mind Video

EXPAND math minds...in just 3 minutes a day!

Math Expander’s math mind video is designed to reprogram any limiting beliefs around math.

Powerful images, positive messages and motivating music empower kids with a growth mindset.

Watch it once every day:

  • at the start of math class, while you set out math manipulatives
  • after lunch or recess
  • or during a transition time

Start 2020 with a fresh perspective.

Get a FREE poster for your classroom with the growth mindset affirmations from the video.

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Object Art


This collection of class self-portraits may inspire you to create your own object art!

Listen to our kindergarten class book

Takes math teaching outside the box – and beyond the textbook!

Math + Creativity = Increased Engagement and Understanding

Math Expander provides Elementary math challenges and activities that strengthen skills relevant to the 21st-century.

Makes learning unstoppable.

Start expanding.

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Did you know 70% of the highest-paying jobs require expertise in STEAM disciplines? (science, technology, engineering, art, math)

Did you know spatial skills are needed in STEAM careers?

Did you know that spatial skills are rarely, if ever, taught explicitly?

Imagine if there was a fun and easy way to set kids up for future success.

You don’t have to imagine it – Math Expander’s “Design your Stuffie’s Dream Chair” STEAM Challenge helps develop these skills.

Kids will be at the edge of their seats with excitement!

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